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This past weekend, we welcomed Giant Robot to our cafe. Featuring works from world renowned artists: Peter Chan, Maggie Chiang, Luke Chueh, David Horvath, Mari Inukai, Deth P. Sun, Katsuya Terada, and Yoskay Yamamoto, visitors from all over the island and parts of the world attended to see thisĀ one of a kind event.

The opening night sought an explosion to many exclusive pieces sold. If you’re interested in purchasing these one of a kind originals, please come by our cafe to see what is left!

The festivities continued to the next day at our sister restaurant, Pioneer Saloon. Here, we hosted a Ramen Burger party with Giant Robot with music provided by Hawaii’s first Iron Dj, Dj Packo and custom signing and drawings from Luke Chueh himself!

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