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On January 2nd, we hosted a very special night with Lauren Tsai. Entittled “18” – showcases a myriad of stellar emotional pieces by Lauren.

She is beginning her journey as an artist and is also currently featured on the Netflix series Terrace House.  We are honored to host her very first exhibit! Work will be up until the evening of the 3rd.

Photos by: Petey Ulatan

DSC07500 DSC07503 DSC07505 DSC07507 DSC07509 DSC07510 DSC07513 DSC07516 DSC07519 DSC07523 DSC07529 DSC07530 DSC07533 DSC07535 DSC07540 DSC07545 DSC07546 DSC07547 DSC07549 DSC07554 DSC07556 DSC07559 DSC07572 DSC07575 DSC07577 DSC07579 DSC07589 DSC07594 DSC07597 DSC07601 DSC07612 DSC07614 DSC07632 DSC07633 DSC07636 DSC07664 DSC07666


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