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Ars (latin)

ars (artis); third declension meaning art, skill craft, power

Ars Cafe celebrates creative expenditures in the arts. Our mission is to provide high quality coffee from all over the world, delicious homemade gelato and a platform to feel inspired through our Art Gallery; showcasing different artists and mediums.


18 by Lauren Tsai Gallery Opening

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On January 2nd, we hosted a very special night with Lauren Tsai. Entittled “18” – showcases a myriad of stellar emotional pieces by Lauren.

She is beginning her journey as an artist and is also currently featured on the Netflix series Terrace House.  We are honored to host her very first exhibit! Work will be up until the evening of the 3rd.

Photos by: Petey Ulatan

DSC07500 DSC07503 DSC07505 DSC07507 DSC07509 DSC07510 DSC07513 DSC07516 DSC07519 DSC07523 DSC07529 DSC07530 DSC07533 DSC07535 DSC07540 DSC07545 DSC07546 DSC07547 DSC07549 DSC07554 DSC07556 DSC07559 DSC07572 DSC07575 DSC07577 DSC07579 DSC07589 DSC07594 DSC07597 DSC07601 DSC07612 DSC07614 DSC07632 DSC07633 DSC07636 DSC07664 DSC07666


December Gallery Opening

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Our December gallery featuring KC Grennan, Teig Grennan, Miqui Harrison and Scott Fitzel opened with a tremendous showing! Special thanks for the hors d’oeuvres by Sho, Music by Junji and refreshments by Ars.

Catch this gallery all month long at Ars Cafe!

DSC08597 DSC08600 DSC08603 DSC08604 DSC08605 DSC08606 DSC08608 DSC08611 DSC08612 DSC08617 DSC08620 DSC08625 DSC08631 DSC08632 DSC08638 DSC08647 DSC08648 DSC08649 DSC08656 DSC08661 DSC08662 DSC08665 DSC08667


November Gallery Opening

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Our November gallery featuring Jesse Christensen and Mary Mitsuda opened tonight with a great spirit! Everyone had fun mingling and enjoying hors d’oeuvres by Hawaii Sushi, Music by Junji and refreshments by Ars. Catch this gallery all month long at Ars Cafe!

DSC04029 DSC04032 DSC04036-Edit DSC04058 DSC04069 DSC04075 DSC04080 DSC04085 DSC04089 DSC04091 DSC04093 DSC04098 DSC04103 DSC04104 DSC04106 DSC04109 DSC04111 DSC04112 DSC04116 DSC04121 DSC04124 DSC04126 DSC04128 DSC04129 DSC04132 DSC04134 DSC04137 DSC04139 DSC04143 DSC04148 DSC04151


August Gallery Opening Reception

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Our August Gallery featuring The Artwork of Peter Shepard Cole is now up! We have a series of tremendous works by Cole on display all month long. Please come by and have a look at his wonderful art.

DSC09199 DSC09201 DSC09204 DSC09229 DSC09222 DSC09220 DSC09218 DSC09216 DSC09212 DSC09208 DSC09205 DSC09259 DSC09256 DSC09254 DSC09251 DSC09243 DSC09239 DSC09237 DSC09236 DSC09260


July Gallery: Beyond the Static

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Our July gallery is now up! We have a special curated pieces from local artistans. Beyond the Static displays a crossover of art and design and features Noa Emberson, Isaac Inouye and Travis Sasaki.

DSC05828 DSC05827 DSC05825 DSC05820 DSC05814 DSC05811 DSC05739 DSC05741 DSC05744 DSC05750


Giant Robot Opening & Ramen Burger Party

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This past weekend, we welcomed Giant Robot to our cafe. Featuring works from world renowned artists: Peter Chan, Maggie Chiang, Luke Chueh, David Horvath, Mari Inukai, Deth P. Sun, Katsuya Terada, and Yoskay Yamamoto, visitors from all over the island and parts of the world attended to see this one of a kind event.

The opening night sought an explosion to many exclusive pieces sold. If you’re interested in purchasing these one of a kind originals, please come by our cafe to see what is left!

The festivities continued to the next day at our sister restaurant, Pioneer Saloon. Here, we hosted a Ramen Burger party with Giant Robot with music provided by Hawaii’s first Iron Dj, Dj Packo and custom signing and drawings from Luke Chueh himself!

DSC01996 DSC01997 DSC01999 DSC02000 DSC02002 DSC02005 DSC02007 DSC02009 DSC02010 DSC02011 DSC02013 DSC02015 DSC02016 DSC02017 DSC02021 DSC02025 DSC02026 DSC02030 DSC02033 DSC02037 DSC02038 DSC02039 DSC02041 DSC02042 DSC02044 DSC02045 DSC02046 DSC02047 DSC02057 DSC02059 DSC02061 DSC02068 DSC02071