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Baked Goods

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We have a delicious assortment of baked goods to pair with your coffee.

Baked fresh everyday by our Chef Hikaru


Banana Bread $3.5
Prosciutto Cheese Bread $3
Rum Raisin Roll $2
Avocado Bread $3.5
Cinnamon Rolls $3.5

*special items also served daily


Our Menu

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Our heritage is in food. Having owned Pioneer Saloon, we pride ourselves in offering delicious menu items that will compliment your visit to our Cafe.


From a special selection of Toast, Sandwiches and Salads, we have a sophisticated, yet simple offering to enhance your experience at Ars.

Our Menu



Doppio $2.50
Macchiato $3.50
Americano $3.50 / $4.50
Cortado $4
Cappuccino $4
Latte $4 / $5
Iced Latte $4.5/$5.5
Iced Americano $4/$5

Add Shot $1
Soy Milk +$.50




Local Rost $5 / $6

World Coffee $4 / $5

Cold Brew $3 / $4.5

Hand-Squeezed Lemonade

Small $3.50
Large $4.50


(Houjicha, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Yerba Mate, White Peony, Pu-Erh Ginger, Rooibos (Caffeine Free))

Small $4
Large $4.50


(Earl Grey or Houjicha)

Small $4.50
Large $5

Matcha Latte $4 / $5
Iced Matcha Latte $4.50 / $5.50


Small $3.50
Large $4.50

Kitchen Closes at 2pm everyday


Butter Toast $6 w/egg + $1

Avocado Toast $7 w/egg + $1

Veggie Toast $8.50
(Kale,Tomato, Spicy, Sesame Oil)

Mushroom Toast $8.50
(Mixed Mushroom, Gorgonzola, Honey, Balsamic)

Chicken Toast $10
(Shredded Chicken, Ponzu Aioli, Mushrooms, Cucumber)

Salmon Toast Platter $11
(Smoked Salmon, Red Onion, Capers, Chive Cream Cheese, Sprouts, Greens, Baguette)




Roast Beef $12.50
(Greens, Au Jus, Mushrooms, Onions, Mayo)

Caprese $11.50
(Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella, Pest0)

Shrimp & Avocado $11
(Cajun Shrimp, Avocado, Parsley)


Chicken, Asparagus, Spinach Au Creme $10

French Toast Panini $8

Ultimate Hawaiian Eggs Benedict $12

Spinach, Garlic Grilled Cheese with Tomato Basil Soup $12


Seared Garlic Cajun Ahi Sandwich with Avocado $12

Cajun Fried Rice with Avocado & Poached Egg $8

Grilled Chicken Salad with Sesame Dressing $9


Choose Your:  $6

Greens (Kale or Nalo Greens)
Dressing (Balsamic, Wasabi, Onion (no-oil))
Add On (Shrimp, Salmon, Chicken + $2) (Egg + $1)




Banana Bread $3.5
Prosciutto Cheese Bread $3
Rum Raisin Roll $2
Avocado Bread $3.5
Cinnamon Rolls $3.5


Ars Cafe Contrast Magazine Feature

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Photos/Words by: Contrast Magazine

If you frequent Monsarrat Avenue you’ve probably noticed the corner lot at 3116 being worked on. It’s a new spot for espresso, coffee, gelato, and art called ARS Café by the owner of Pioneer Saloon—one of our favorite eateries—Nori Sakamoto. Before ARS opens its doors for business on March 31, I met up with Nori and artist John Koga to take a peak inside.

As Nori led us into the space just a couple of blocks away from Pioneer, I asked him what made him want to open ARS Café and his answer was surprising. “I’ve worked in the restaurant business for over 20 years but never worked in a coffee shop,” replied Nori with a smile. “I now own a restaurant, but I cannot do it by myself. In the restaurant business you need a staff; you need employees. My employees, Roland and Hikaru have been working for me for a long time. A coffee shop is their dream so I want to give them the opportunity.”

The space he is putting together ‘for his employees’ is exquisite, with dark wood paneling from floor to ceiling and black details to contrast. I got the feeling like I walked into a room from the past, as the sounds of a record from the ‘70s played through a vintage McIntosh receiver in the front corner. Nori mentions that he brought in a small team of craftsmen from Japan to build out the interior.



“I brought two skilled carpenters from Japan that specialize in making frames (for art). I have a variety of frames that are on the walls at Pioneer…that is their work. But sometimes they make interiors,” explained Nori. “That guy [as he point to an artist painting the word ‘breakfast’ on a wood, cone-like display for the storefront] he is a sign painter in Japan. He specializes in hand painting stores, cars, everything. He’s been here for one week. The other two have been here for three months.”
As Nori looked toward the back of the space—where the walls are tall and kept clean and white—he mentioned that it’s set up to be an art gallery. “Some people like to hang big TVs on their walls but I prefer art. I know that there aren’t too many galleries here in Honolulu so hopefully this space can provide opportunities for local artists.”

As we spoke about the gallery aspect of the space, I asked Koga about the artists that he has curated for ARS’ debut exhibit and how he plans to help ARS in the future. “Nori was so kind to share the space and I’m honored to be a part of the first show along with Lawrence Seward, Jason Teraoka and AJ Feducia…a diverse group with good art,” says Koga. “AJ is so humble and he is on fire with the product that he puts out. Jason is someone that I’ve worked with for years that hasn’t shown anything in a while so I thought it would be fun to pull him out for this. We haven’t done a show together in a long while. Lawrence, he’s the kingpin, well respected here and in the New York art scene. Like I said, it’s a very diverse group. In the future, I’m going to continue to see what artists we can bring in or introduce and keep the level of the arts that Nori wants. At this point we have Aaron Martin for the following exhibit.”

If you’re in Honolulu on the night of the 31st, stop by 3116 Monsarrat for the Grand Opening of ARS Café from 6-9PM with an art exhibit featuring the works of John Koga, Lawrence Seward, Jason Teraoka and AJ Feducia.

Our Coffee

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We have a diverse coffee offering from the best brands all over the world.

Our process involves a slow brew method that ensures a high quality taste.

Therefore, you are sure to experience something new every time you will visit our shop.





The Cafe

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Our cafe is designed to take you into a classic, inspirational world where you can enjoy our delicious menu items and view art.


We have hand crafted our wooden lounge space in homage of an early century English bar. Additionally, our signage is completely hand painted by an artist from Japan.

Ars Cafe celebrates creative expenditures in the arts. Our mission is to provide high quality coffee from all over the world, delicious homemade gelato and a platform to feel inspired through our Art Gallery; showcasing different artists and mediums.

All of our machines are state of the art, to ensure our menu items are of the highest quality.


Photo by: Contrast Magazine


We are located at the base of Diamond Head on Oahu’s Monsarrat Avenue, just a few minutes drive from Waikiki.

3116 Monsarrat Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii